Welcome to dsply.com. This web page provides information about the dsply.com cookie and how you can opt out of its use on your device.
What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text file placed onto your device. Websites and other online services use cookies to recognize a device and store information relevant to users of that device and their interaction with websites and other online services.
Why do websites and online services use the dsply.com cookie?
Answers.com and its affiliates and partners use the dsply.com cookie to personalize content on their websites and online services. The cookie may store information about your interactions with Answers, its affiliates', and its partners' websites and online service over time. You may learn more about how Answers.com uses the data it collects about visitors by visiting its privacy policy. You should review the privacy policies available on the websites and online services you visit to learn how they use data collected about you.
How do I opt out of the dsply.com cookie?
If you do not want to receive any cookies, including the dsply.com cookie, you can change your browser settings to block all cookies. Blocking cookies may affect the performance of websites and online services. If you want to opt out of the dsply.com cookie, you may click here. By clicking on the button, an opt-out cookie will be placed on your device that indicates you have chosen to opt out. This opt-out cookie tells websites and online services not to use the dsply.com cookie to personalize content for users of that device. This opt-out cookie only works on the device you use when you click on the button below. When you use a different device, the dsply.com cookie may continue to function until you opt out on that device. If you delete your cookies on a device, you will also delete the opt-out cookie. You will need to click on the opt-out button again to opt out.